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Search Engine Optimization

Do You Know there are 200 Google ranking factors

Domain Factors - 10
Page Level Factors - 50
Site Level Factors - 18
Backlink Factors - 48
User Interaction - 10
Special Algorithm Rules - 16
Social Signals - 12
Brand Signals - 12
On-site Web Spam Factors - 13
Off-page Web Spam Factors - 13

SEO-Google Ranking Factor

And there are 44 Correlation factors which Google use to rank your website!

How We Can Help You with Search Engine Optimization

Step 1: Business Analysis

We analyze each business separately. Check its requirements, customer preference, brand identity and prepare special customized SEO report according to the business nature.

SEO-Business Analysis
SEO-Website Analysis

Step 2: Website Analysis

We check website on on-page and off-page SEO issues, compatibility with Google updates, traffic analysis and chances of improvement.

Step 3: Keyword Research

Special Keyword research is done using Google, Bing and Moz to ensure that keywords are relevant to your business, have a lot of searches on the internet so that you get a lot of traffic , customers and business.

SEO-Keyword Research
SEO-Competitor Analytic

Step 4: Competitor Analytics

We keep a watchful eye on your competitors, we make sure that you remain #1 in your business. We analyze your competitors online techniques and give you better strategy to beat every competitor within your business.

Step 5: Mutual Keyword Finalization

Pre SEO Website Diagnostic
Pre SEO Ranking Report


We give our clients initial report of website so they can compare progress. Having knows where we stand now and where we are after a month helps gauge the performance.

SEO-Mutual Keyword Finalization
SEO-Analytical Setup

Step 6: Analytics Setup

Google, Bing, Alexa analytics setup so that you cover every user on the internet.

Step 7: Domain Factors

#1 thing Google, Bing, Alexa, Yahoo see is the Domain factors. We use special services to check the background history and improve these factors to give search engines a positive start.

SEO-Domain Factor

Step 8: On-page SEO

Do you know there are over 50 on-page factors which Google analyze. We use Google-approved, White Hat SEO techniques to optimize all these SEO elements. Check our posting on Facebook page to see which 50 on-page SEO elements we optimize.

Step 9: Site Level

We work hard to improve 18 special site level factors which every search engine check on each sites.

SEO-Site Level
SEO-On Page Web spam

Step 10: On-page Web Spam Removal

13 bad things which Google penalized. Google-approved SEO techniques help us remove these spam elements and make sure that your website remain safe.

Step 11: Off-page SEO

We do link building after checking website relevancy, Google Page Rank, Moz Rank, Alexa Ranking and make sure that links are spread naturally so that you website get the best traffic, ranking and trust.

SEO-Off Page SEO
SEO-User Interaction

Step 12: User Interaction

Increase Click Through Rate, Direct Traffic, Less Bounce Rate, Repeat Traffic and 6 more factors. We make sure that each link gets user interaction so that search engines take notice of it.

Step 13: Special Algorithm application

GEO targeting, Domain Diversity, Page Freshness and other 13 algorithms determine how Google, Bing and other search engines treat your content. We make sure our clients get the right boost in SERP.

SEO-Special Algorithm
SEO-Social Signals Integration

Step 14: Social Signals integration

We make sure that your website content and backlinks get share on Facebook, tweeted by users, pined by Pinterest users and get a lot of +1s on Google. We do all the branding to give your website a boost.

Step 15: Brand integration

People like brands and so do Google. We make sure that your website appear on all major social media sites and generate enough signals to appear.

Effective Web Development Solutions
SEO-web scam

Step 16: Off-page Web Spam Removal

We make sure that your website remain safe from manual penalty and must never go into Google Sand box. We work carefully to keep your site safe from Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird penalties and to avoid unnatural link building.

Step 17: Periodic Performance Report:

Our regular weekly / monthly periodic reports will help you gauge our performance and to keep tract of ranking, traffic and website improvements.

SEO-Periodic Performance