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Social Media Marketing


  1. Business profile creation
  2. Branding the profile
  3. Branded Facebook URL
  4. Daily Facebook Updates
  5. Posting engaging & interesting posts
  6. Driving traffic from Facebook to your website
  7. Engagement with page visitors (replies to comments & queries)
  8. 24/7 Content Moderation (removal of inappropriate content)
  9. Facebook Ad Campaign Management
  10. Branded Promotion of Sales & Services
  11. Facebook contest management
  12. Increase in the Facebook fans
  13. Posting in Facebook groups
  14. Keeping your Facebook account secure from hackers and competitors
Social Media Management-Facebook
Social Media Management-Twitter


  1. Creating Business Profile
  2. Branding the profile
  3. Branding Twitter URL with your business name
  4. Customize Profile image, Logo, Header & Background
  5. Creating a strategic business network with targeted following
  6. Daily Tweets, @reply, Mention, Direct Messages & Retweets
  7. Grow a strong and interactive following through updates
  8. Drive traffic to your Website or Blog
  9. Embed tweets to website & blogs
  10. Create separate Twitter Conversation lists for consumers or businesses
  11. Increase in Twitter followers
  12. Keeping your Twitter account secure from hackers and competitors


  1. Create Business Profile & cover
  2. Add, join and create circles to grow business prospects
  3. Create Hangouts to create brand awareness
  4. Create Google Groups to promote business & sales
  5. Daily updates on pages
  6. Regular interaction with Niche respective audience
  7. Join and engage with targeted communities
  8. Redirecting traffic towards website through branding
  9. Increase in +1s on the page
Social Media Management-Google+
Social Media Management-Linkedinn


  1. Create your company page
  2. Special Company URL for your page
  3. Highlight your business perfectly on the profile
  4. Posting updates frequently
  5. Creating, managing and joining interest groups
  6. Connecting with professional people and prospect clients
  7. Getting Endorsements
  8. Increasing Connections and creating leads to website


  1. Creating account & profile
  2. Daily update of audience specific ideas on peak times
  3. Place traceable links on your profile to track traffic from Instagram to the website
  4. Managing Instagram filters to find prospect businesses and communities online
  5. Following and engaging with the top competitors’ followers
  6. Getting featured reviews & sponsored posts from top Instagrammers of the relevant niche
  7. Highlighting products & services appropriately through profile
  8. Engaging with audience through comments and shares
Social Media Management-Instagram
Social Media Management-Printrest


  1. Create profile and interlink with the main website
  2. Create boards and pins according to niche
  3. Research on all the relevant niche to target maximum audience
  4. Find fans and extend connections by tagging other users
  5. Create interesting pins combining text and image with occasional URL
  6. Track the analytics to view profile performance
  7. Embed pins to your blog or website
  8. Create group boards for valued clients or professional partners


  1. Create and customize account according to the brand
  2. Create and share blog posts regularly
  3. Create brand awareness using hashtags in reposting and sharing
  4. Follow and interact with niche related Tumblr users
  5. Interconnect account with other social media accounts
Social Media Management-Tumblr
Social Media Management-Flickr


  1. Creating account and managing photo upload tools for maximum results
  2. Customization of the image description to pull traffic to site
  3. Managing Flickr analytics tools to find referrers
  4. Connecting with top most referrers to build business connections

YouTube, Vimeo & DailyMotion

  1. Creating account with a strategically designed thumbnail
  2. Customize the channels for the relevant for video hosting sites
  3. Selection of appropriate keywords to be used in tags
  4. Customizing videos with proper placement of URL and calls to action
  5. Planning the marketing funnel to pull traffic from videos
  6. Posting video responses to make connections
  7. Creating playlists to target audience
  8. Embed videos in website or blogs
  9. Sharing Videos on social media networks
Social Media Management-Youtube