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Web Designing

Research about the business

We thoroughly develop an understanding of your needs, and carry out other researches  to learn more about the related industry

Web Designing-Research About Business
Web Designing-Put Thoughts On Paper

Put thoughts on paper

Design is about solving problems and those problems can through a good layout and a clear hierarchy.

Sketching framework / Wireframe

The framework is the UI that surrounds the content and helps to perform actions and navigate through it. It includes determining the process of navigation and components like sidebars and bottom bars.

Web Designing-Sketching FrameWork
Web Designing-Choose Typography

Choose typography

Typography depends on the business nature. A site on friendship will have a completely different typography compared to an space shuttle website. Team Wisdompad has years of experience to understand your business needs and to recommend correct Typography for your business.

Rule of Thumb: Do not use more than two different typefaces in a website layout

Select your color theme:

The website color scheme is chosen which compliments the logo. Also, we use a limited set of colors and tones to guard against visual overload.

Web Designing-Color Theme
Web Designing-Home Page Design

Design the Home Page

Adobe Photoshop is the leading software which professionals use to design the websites. We ensure that we use latest tools to make your website look perfect. 

Design the inner pages

After home page is designed and approved we design the inner pages to reflect the true theme of website.

Web Designing-Design Inner Pages
Web Designing-Testing the Website

Testing the website with content

After the website is complete we test it with content in live environment and use different browsers to make sure it work perfectly on each one.

Social Media Integration

A free and complementary service by Wisdompad; we integrate social media into website so that you can utilize the power of social buzz on your website.

Web Designing-Social Media
Web Designing-Handing Over

Handing over the website

It is time to hand over the website and to offer 30 days of FREE website maintenance.