Research results
Any investigation, falsification or selective reporting of data with the intent to mislead or deceive is unethical, as is the theft of data, part of patents or research results from others in the scientific community. The results of research/work should be recorded and maintained to allow for analysis and review. Upon request from our review committee policies the data should be retained for a reasonable period and made available, followed by publication. However, to achieve the privacy preserve, patent protection, or for similar reasons, exceptions may be appropriate.

Young Investigators, Scholars who are doing cutting edge research and have quality research in the scientific community need to be given chance to be recognized as authors. Other individuals who have contributed to respective work should be acknowledged appropriately. Affiliations of Articles should include a full list of the current institutional affiliations of all authors, both academic and industry.

ARK Group focus mostly on the quality and novelty of the paper. Hence, we will not accept or entertain any paper in the following cases: 

  • Reproducing text from other papers without properly crediting the source (plagiarized content) 
  • Production of many papers with almost the same content by the same authors (self-plagiarism). 
  • Submissions of the single manuscript to more than one journals will not be accepted, consequently after the review respective article will be removed without consideration.

Corrections and retractions

  • All authors have an obligation to inform and cooperate with journal editors to provide prompt retractions or correction of errors in published research works.

ARK Group journals will issue retractions in the following conditions:

  • If there any clear evidence that the findings are not reliable, either as a result of data fabrication,  or,  miscalculation or experimental errors. 
  • Submission of similar results to more than one journal. Exceptions are the review articles. 
  • Authors may not present results obtained by others as if they were their own. 

Acknowledgement of other Authors must be mentioned in any article, if author used in their research and cite publications that have influenced the direction and course of their research or original study. 

Duplicate submission
If the findings have previously been published elsewhere without proper cross-referencing, permission or redundant publication.